J & L believes part of satisfaction we give you are client is linked to our investment in current technology. Are state-of-the-art equipment means we can produce high quality parts quickly and on time.

J & L State-of-the-art equipment

Lathe Department

CNC Turning:

  • Mazak Super Quick Turn 18M Mark II with Mazatrol T-Plus Control

With live tooling for fourth axis milling and drilling operations

  • Mazak QT 20 H-P with Mazatrol T-Plus Control

LNS Quick Load Bar Feed attached

  • Mazak QT 250 with Mazatrol 640T Nexus Control

35 HP 25-5,000 RPM Spindle with 8 inch thru hole
13.78 in. maximum swing

All Mazak Lathes have 12 position turrets as well as chuck and collet setups

Multi Axis / Multi Task Machining
Mazak Integrex 200 IV ST with Mazatrol Matrix Control
Main Spindle……… 8 inch Chuck with 3 inch Bore Thru.. 5000 RPM
Secondary Spindle... 8 inch Chuck with 3 inch Bore Thru.. 5000 RPM
Automatic Tool Changer… 40 Tool capacity
Lower Turret………………. 9 Tool Stations
Swing   Capacity.…. 26 inches Maximum

Length Capacity….. Maximum 58.86 inches

Manual Turning:

  • (1) 15 inch SuperMax Lathe altered  

             for Polishing Operations

(1) 30 inch Victor 2260E Heavy Duty Precision Gap Bed Lathe, DRO,

    • (1) Mazak V-414 / 32 Milling Center with 24 position tool carousel
      • (1) Mazak V-414 / 22 Milling Center with 24 position tool carousel
      • (1) Mazak VTC 16A Milling Center with 24 position tool carousel
  • (2) Mazak VTC 16B  Milling Centers with 24 position tool carousels
  • (2) HAAS VF1 Vertical Machining Centers with HAAS Indexer and HAAS Controls

All Mazak Vertical Milling Centers have Mazatrol M-32 or M-Plus Controls
             Axis Travel Ranges: X axis 44 to 22 inches, Y-axis 16 inches, Z-axis 20 + 4.3 inches


All of our Mazak CNC equipment utilize Mazatrol Conversational Programming Language, G Code, or M Code, which allows our Machinists to program any part “on the fly”, transferable from machine to machine, streamlining the manufacturing process and driving down lead-time and cost.

              Proto Trak Milling:

  • (1) First Mill Two Axis with SWI Proto Trak A.G.E. 2 Control
  • (1) Trak TRM Two Axis with SWI Proto Trak  MX  Control
  • (1) Trak 4K Two Axis with SWI Proto Trak SM A.G.E. Control
  • (1) Trak DPM3 with Programmable Spindle Control, Auto Lube,
  •       SMX Controller, and 5000 RPM Spindle
  • (1) Birmingham Manual Milling Machine with Newal DRO
(2) Bridgeport Manual Milling Machines with SWI Trak and Fagor DRO’s                   


Welding and Fabrication Department

*Approximately 1500 Sq. Ft. of Weld/Fabrication area for
larger scale Weldments such as Stairs, Railings, and Frames.
*Approximately 400 Sq. Ft. of Semi Clean-Room Atmosphere
for Special Handling Weldments and Manifolding .

  • Arc Orbital Welder with assorted heads
  • Hobart Cyber Tig 300
  • Lincoln Wave Tig 225
  • Miller Maxstar 152 Tig
  • Miller Syncrowave 300
  • Miller MP 4SE Mig
  • Millermatic Mig 200 with Aluminum Spool Attachment
  • Lincoln Idealarc Tig 300-300
  • Hyperthern 40 Plasma Arc
  • 100 Ton Hydracrop Ironworker
  • (3) Scotchman Cold Saws
  • Grob 24 inch throat Vertical Band Saw
  • (1) Kalamazoo HA9W Horizontal Band Cutoff Saw
  • (1) Clausing Auto Feed Horizontal Band Cutoff Saw

          50 inches between centers, 3 and 4 Jaw Chucks, Steady and Follower Rests

    • (2) Hardinge Precision Chuckers
    • (1) Hardinge Hand Screw Lathe
    • (1) 13 inch Birmingham LUX-1340G with 3, 4, and 6 Jaw Buck Chucks, and 5c                                           Collet set up                                                                                
    • (1) 16 inch Clausing Lathe with DRO
    All manual lathes have a full compliment of tooling and utilize the latest technology of indexable carbide insert tooling for turn, bore, face, thread, drill, and cutoff operations.

Milling Department

CNC Milling:

  • (1) Hyd-Mech Horizontal Band Chop Saw

Torch Brazing and Plastic Welding:

  • Torch Brazing bench with Rotary table and hooded ventilation
  • Drying chamber, 2-1/2 X 3 X 8 ft, for parts that have been brazed and cleaned
  • KamWeld Plastic Welding Torc
  • Parts Finishing:
  • (1) Sweco Vibro-Energy Finishing Mill
  • (2) Skat Blast Sand and Bead Blast Cabinets 1 X 1 X 2 ft. and 2 X 2 X 5 ft. Dimensionally
  • 11 ft. X 15 ft. ventilated and full surround fluorescent lighted Paint Booth
  • Various bench and hand tools, belt sanders, and grinders


Quality Assurance and Inspection Department

  • Mitutoyo Geomeasure 3000 Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • (2) 36 X 48 inch Granite Surface Plates
  • (2) Mitutoyo Height Master Gages
  • (1) Mitutoyo SJ 201 Surface Roughness Tester
  • (2) Vacuum Mass Spectrometers
  • Varian 936-70 Mass Spec
  • Alcatel ASM 142 Portable Leak Detector
  • Various Gage Pins, and Blocks, Micrometers, Calipers, and Indicators used for inspection
(2) Digital Video Bore Scopes to capture images and videos of internal and hard to reach surfaces