Our turning and machining centers provide the precision and repeatability that's necessary for high quality parts and reliable delivery.
Turning department


    CNC Turning:

  • Mazak Super Quick Turn 18M Mark II with Mazatrol T-Plus Control With live tooling for fourth axis milling and drilling operations
  • Mazak QT 20 H-P with Mazatrol T-Plus Control LNS Quick Load Bar Feed attached
  • Mazak QT 250 with Mazatrol 640T Nexus Control 35 HP 25-5,000 RPM Spindle with 8 inch thru hole
    13.78 in. maximum swing  
All Mazak Lathes have 12 position turrets as well as chuck and collet setups

Multi Axis / Multi Task Machining
Mazak Integrex 200 IV ST with Mazatrol Matrix Control
Main Spindle……… 8 inch Chuck with 3 inch Bore Thru.. 5000 RPM
Secondary Spindle... 8 inch Chuck with 3 inch Bore Thru.. 5000 RPM
Automatic Tool Changer… 40 Tool capacity
Lower Turret………………. 9 Tool Stations
Swing   Capacity.…. 26 inches Maximum
Length Capacity….. Maximum 58.86 inches

miching\ Manual Turning:
  • 1) 15 inch SuperMax Lathe altered  

             for Polishing Operations

  • (1) 30 inch Victor 2260E Heavy Duty Precision Gap Bed Lathe, DRO, 50 inches between centers, 3 and 4 Jaw Chucks, Steady and Follower Rests
  • (2) Hardinge Precision Chuckers
  • (1) Hardinge Hand Screw Lathe
  • (1) 13 inch Birmingham LUX-1340G with 3, 4, and 6 Jaw Buck Chucks, and 5c Collet setup                                                                                
  • (1) 16 inch Clausing Lathe with DRO

All manual lathes have a full compliment of tooling and utilize the latest technology of indexable carbide insert tooling for turn, bore, face, thread, drill, and cutoff operations.